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After months of work, we’re excited to unveil our new logo, website and branding!

SIYLI has had the same branding and visual language since we launched as an independent nonprofit in 2012. We love our old logo’s connection to our origins as a leadership training program within Google and the power of meditation and mindfulness. But as SIYLI nears our five-year anniversary, we’ve decided it’s time for a refresh.

SIYLI founder Chade Meng Tan at Google in 2012

Our new logo describes our work in a few important ways. To us, it shows intentionality and accessibility. From day one, SIYLI has been adamant about sharing mindfulness based practices that can support anyone in developing emotional intelligence and leadership and that are backed by rigorous science.


At the same time, our new logo also telegraphs joy. As we say around our office, it’s “seriously silly.” We try to be intentional, generous and thoughtful about the work that we do—but we also strive to make sure we can still laugh at ourselves from time to time. And we know from experience that one of the by-products of Search Inside Yourself is discovering what motivates and connects us, which can deepen our experience of joy.

Finally, our overall aesthetic is simple. Our work is centered on bringing clarity and understanding to how we show up and interact in the workplace.

We also held onto some of our old visual language, like our color scheme. Check out the evolution of our logo from old to new, and you’ll see the key elements we preserved:


While reimagining our logo, we also dove into a comprehensive redesign of our website. At, you’ll find a lot of visual elements that illustrate what we do and who we are. We hope you like them as much as we do!

We’ve also improved the organization of the website. Whether you’re signing up for a Search Inside Yourself program in a city near you or wanting to learn about our flagship corporate offerings (coaching, EQ assessments, etc.), our program offerings are now clearer and easier to find. Finally, we’re opening up a treasure trove of resources—from case studies and testimonials to free guided meditations—and will be adding more going forward.

There’s more to come: We’ll continue to add content to the website for our partners, alumni, followers and friends. We’re especially excited to offer valuable free content to the SIY community in the months to come.

Thanks for joining us on this creative journey. We are deeply grateful to the skilled team at Casey Martin Design we worked with in this process. We’re thrilled with our new look and excited for how this redesign and the newly reorganized website will support us as we continue to teach thousands of leaders around the world how to find more focus, self-awareness and resilience at work—from the inside out.