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Bring the power of mindfulness to the changemakers shaping our future! Donate here.

Helping communities thrive,
from the inside out.

As a nonprofit organization, we offer mindfulness-based trainings in partnership with communities to support the work of those on the front lines of society: civil servants, public & mental health workers, nonprofits, and educators. Learn more about SIYLI's mission and values here.

Looking for resources to support your mission-aligned work? See our collections here, or join us for our live programs here.

We are actively seeking to build new partnerships and cultivate new Community projects.

What Our Participants Are Saying

 This course is an opportunity to take time out of your hectic life and invest in yourself. There are tangible takeaways that can change things for the better, at home and at work.

Julie Bassett, program participant

A must do if you are wanting to develop, change or grow your organizational culture. It starts from inside out.

Helen R., Program Participant

 This course has been life changing.

Gloria Hurst, Program Participant





Looking for our sister organization SIY Global? They are focused on bringing programs to executives and corporate workspaces, and you can see their full calendar of events here.