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Independent Practice

This is an independent practice module with no in-person sessions to attend. You will continue practice co-teaching the entire SIY program a minimum of two times (or more if possible – we strongly encourage this).

Additionally, you will be paired with a coach with whom you will share video clips of you teaching SIY. You will provide a written reflection prior to each coaching Skype call, which supports you to process your experience and tailor the coaching call to what is of most value to you individually. There are two coaching Skype calls, each one is 45 minutes in length, and each call taking place only after you have completed a full day of teaching SIY. If you like, you are free to schedule additional calls with your coach at your own expense.

You are free to schedule your practice teaching and coaching calls at your convenience.  You must practice teach SIY at least twice and complete both of your coaching calls prior to submitting your materials to the certification committee (step 6). 


There are no in-person sessions for this module. You will practice teach independently and have two coaching Skype calls.