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Search Inside Yourself was born at Google in 2007 when one of Google’s earliest engineers, Chade-Meng Tan, gathered a team of leading experts in mindfulness techniques, neuroscience, leadership, to develop an internal course for fellow Google employees lovingly called Search Inside Yourself (SIY).

In 2012, due to the high demand for SIY from external organizations, Meng Tan, Philippe Goldin and Marc Lesser spun off the program and founded the independent non-profit educational institute they called The Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, SIYLI (pronounced like "silly"–they wanted to keep it light!).

The aim of SIY was to help people develop the skills of mindfulness, empathy, compassion, and overall emotional intelligence to create the conditions for individual and collective thriving. 

SIYLI offers programs, tools and content on mindfulness-based emotional intelligence, empathy, compassion, resilience, leadership and more, which have a positive impact helping to promote sustainable well being, motivation and high performance for individuals, teams and organizations.

SIYLI continues to work with the federal government, the nation of Bhutan, Feeding America, Greenpeace, and many more nonprofit and government organizations around the world.

What's New at SIYLI?

Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI) has split into two sister organizations: SIYLI and SIY Global, both of which will continue forward with our mission to create a more peaceful world.

Moving forward, SIYLI will offer mindfulness-based programming for those on the front lines of society: civil servants, public and mental health workers, educators, nonprofits, grassroots organizations and folks involved with social impact initiatives. 

Our hope is that this intentional change will position us to create lasting impact.

Our Values

Vision & Mission

Our Vision: To create a more peaceful world in which all people feel connected and act with compassion for self and others.


Our Mission: To support the thriving of human service providers through offering practical mindfulness and emotional intelligence tools. 


Our goal is that those working in direct service feel emotionally resourced to face the challenges they encounter day-to-day. This includes (1) challenges that stem from the emotionally difficult nature of the direct service work and (2) challenges created by the bureaucratic and oppressive systems in which all direct service providers operate and live.