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Many of us were raised in a culture of instant gratification. Our food is fast; our entertainment is an instant download away; and we expect overnight delivery. Because of this culture that demands instant results, it can be difficult to commit to lifestyle changes that offer long term benefits that aren’t immediately visible. Studies show that four out of five New Year’s resolutions fail before February 1.

At SIYLI, we believe that you can have your cake and eat it too (and if you want to go to the gym later, that’s great). Our mindful techniques offer immediate benefits, helping you calm your mind, be more effective at work and find a greater happiness. By spending just two minutes a day focusing on your breathing or practicing a mindful minute, you’ll notice an immediate difference in your focus at work.

But stick with SIYLI, and we’ll show you that the real benefits of the program lie in your commitment to mindfulness. One of our participants  discovered that SIYLI training made him a better husband and family member, as well as a better employee.

“My mother-in-law forgot to engage the brake on the stroller with my daughter inside. The stroller went sailing across the driveway, smacking into one of our cars. Instead of coming unglued and saying something stupid, I took two deep breaths and simply refrained from comment. Thanks to Search Inside Yourself, I just brought attention to my breath at my nostrils, and it just worked. I even recognized the racing in my heart and the sinking, gross feeling in my stomach. It was amazing.”

This story is the perfect example of how SIYLI works to make you the best version of yourself. Instead of screaming and saying hurtful things about an innocent mistake, you can learn to control both your reaction and your emotions.

Now instead of a stroller careening toward a car, imagine that one of your employees botches an important task. Let’s say a project is coming in far over budget. While your first reaction may be anger, SIYLI enables you to see that anger isn’t the productive path. Instead of turning into the Incredible Hulk (or yelling, whichever), focus a moment on your breathing, recognize your anger and release it. Now, you can sit down with your employee and discuss the ways to reduce expenditures and bring the project back under control.

Doesn’t that sound more productive and ultimately more satisfying than screaming?

This January, resolve to make 2013 a year of mindfulness. We promise you’ll see results by February. And that increased focus might even help you finish your work early and head to the gym!

SIYLI Suggestion:

Spend the week practicing mindful minutes when you go to bed and when you wake up. What changes did you notice after a week?