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To celebrate World Kindness Day in 2021 we will create an intentional pause to connect with our common humanity and #PracticeKindness, together.

At the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, we are inspired by a future where everyone feels connected. When we understand ourselves and see our similarities with others, we act with a true desire to be in service to others, which further deepens our connection. Through practice, discussion and celebration of kindness and of our common humanity, we believe that we can contribute to a kinder world. It all starts by taking one step to search within.

This year we will celebrate World Kindness Day with a special livestream with world-renowned meditation teacher Jack Kornfield and SIYLI CEO Rich Fernandez.

Watch last year's livestream with Sharon Salzberg and Shelly Tygielski:

Last year, we celebrated World Kindness Day with 24 hours of kindness. For 24 hours, Search Inside Yourself certified teachers from around the world hosted free live compassion practices every 30 minutes in 6 different languages, leading up to World Kindness Day on November 13th.

As one participant shared, "May kindness extend beyond to all 365 days in the year." We hope to support you as you continue your kindness-practice.

Learn about the power of Kindness

Kindness not only feels good to both the person on the receiving end, but also to the person offering it. Science has also provided evidence that kindness has many benefits and can help us thrive both personally and professionally. Below are a few resources to learn more about the benefits of practicing kindness.

Download our 2021 Practice Kindness eBook with many more resources