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Compassion and empathy are skills that can help you navigate difficult relationships, connect with your colleagues more authentically and sense as a leader what would best serve your team, organization or community.

Luckily, these are skills that can be trained. Developing your compassion and empathy will not only improve your relationships with others, both personally and professionally, but it can also improve personal well-being. Enjoy our collection of articles, videos and resources that can help you strengthen empathy and compassion today.

Read our articles on compassion and empathy:

Self-Compassion Will Make You a Better Leader

SIYLI CEO Rich Fernandez and Director Steph Stern shared the benefits of self-compassion for leaders in their latest article for HBR. Read more to discover how you…

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A Practice for the Common Humanity of Being Stuck in Traffic

Just the other day, I was crammed into a crowded train, jostled by other passengers. I immediately felt grouchy and worried about being able to…

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Five Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence Practices for Difficult Times

Like me, you may be struggling to understand what’s going on in our world. Like me, you may be wondering how to take action. And…

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Kindness as a Contagion

From the most basic exchanges to the deepest conversations, kindness is a contagion of emotion that spreads through social networks more rapidly than the flu.…

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Promoting Peace in Troubled Times

SIYLI CEO Rich Fernandez hosted an inspiring conversation on August 29 with Roshi Joan Halifax and Rhonda Magee on the topic of how to respond…

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Unexpected Rewards*

In her early twenties, Steph Stern began going to yoga solely for the exercise. She ignored the mindfulness and meditation side of the practice, instead preferring to…

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