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Compassion and empathy are skills that can help you navigate difficult relationships, connect with your colleagues more authentically and sense as a leader what would best serve your team, organization or community.

Luckily, these are skills that can be trained. Developing your compassion and empathy will not only improve your relationships with others, both personally and professionally, but it can also improve personal well-being. Enjoy our collection of articles, videos and resources that can help you strengthen empathy and compassion today.

Read our articles on compassion and empathy:

Promoting Peace in Troubled Times

SIYLI CEO Rich Fernandez hosted an inspiring conversation on August 29 with Roshi Joan Halifax and Rhonda Magee on the topic of how to respond…

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Unexpected Rewards*

In her early twenties, Steph Stern began going to yoga solely for the exercise. She ignored the mindfulness and meditation side of the practice, instead preferring to…

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Loving Kindness: Two Years and Going Strong*

If you go to @cmoon’s feed on Twitter, you’ll find a Tweet pinned to the top that reads, “I guess it’s a good thing when I…

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How to Say “No”: A Lesson in Compassion

In May of 2016, two world-class climbers attempted to summit Everest without supplemental oxygen. One, Cory Richards, ended up on top. The other, Adrian Ballinger, decided to turn…

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The Similarities and Kindness Practice

It’s been difficult and emotional in recent months around the world, colored by separateness, violence and often a sense of despair. With shootings, terrorism and…

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Managing Versus Leading

Compassion, as defined by the third edition of Webster’s New World Dictionary, is “to feel pity, to suffer, sorrow for the sufferings or trouble of another…

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