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To celebrate World Kindness Day we're creating an intentional pause to connect with our common humanity and #PracticeKindness, together.

At the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute we are inspired by a future where everyone feels connected. When we understand ourselves and see our similarities with others, we act with a true desire to be in service to others, which further deepens our connection. Through practice, discussion and celebration of kindness and of our common humanity, we believe that we can contribute to a kinder world. It all starts by taking one step to search within.

JOIN the livestream on World Kindness Day

Watch the recording of our special livestream with Mirabai Bush, Jamil Zaki and Rich Fernandez on November 13th. 

Pledge to #PracticeKindness

What better time to pledge to doing an intentional act of kindness than around World Kindness Day (November 13)? 

We'd like invite you #PracticeKindness starting today by:

1. Pledging to do an intentional act of kindness. 

Whether it's big or small, physical or intangible, done with a loved one or a stranger, it all counts, as long as it's done authentically and with a big heart. 

2. Sharing about your experience on your favorite social media platform. 

Share your pledge to gain support from your friends and feel free to share why it's important to spread more kindness in the world.  

3. Picking 3 other friends and challenging them to do the same

The more people who practice, the larger the impact we'll have on this World Kindness Day. Tag your friends, colleagues, family members or favorite celebrities and invite them to make a pledge as well. Use the hashtag #PracticeKindness. 


Learn about the power of Kindness

Kindness not only feels good to both the person on the receiving end, but also to the person offering it. Science has also provided evidence that kindness has many benefits and can help us thrive both personally and professionally. Below are a few resources to learn more about the benefits of practicing kindness. 

Science Says Kindness Can Make You a Better Leader

Loving-Kindness Meditation May Protect Your Genes and Slow Aging

5 Beneficial Side Effects of Kindness

6 Science-Backed Ways Being Kind Is Good for Your Health

What Type of Kindness Will Make You Happiest?

Kindness Stories

Rich Fernandez, SIYLI's CEO, shares a story from a Search Inside Yourself participant when teaching in India. It shows the profound impact that kindness and compassion practices can have.

Lisa Reyes from the San Francisco Department of Public Health shares how practicing kindness changed the way she faced hardship in the streets of San Francisco.

"When I learned the Loving Kindness meditation, I chose to use it when I would see human suffering on the street. Because no one deserves to be invisible.  I started practicing offering kindness to everyone that I would see suffering, just on my walk from my car to my job, saying: 'May you be happy. May you be healthy. May you be loved.' It allowed the capacity of my heart to open up, to truly see the other person."

~Lisa Reyes, San Francisco Department of Public Health

Lisa Reyes Headshot

Tashi, who works in the Ministry of Education of Bhutan and participated in the Search Inside Yourself 2-day program shares a personal story of empathy with one of her co-workers. Her story is a candid and authentic example of how we can show more kindness at work.

>> Check out even more stories on our YouTube channel. 

Host a #PracticeKindness session

#PracticeKindness events are created by SIYLI and fueled by all.

On World Kindness Day, we invite you or your organization to host a #PracticeKindness event to help share the message with your friends, colleagues and family members into the practice.  You will be joining this global movement and helping to broadcast the importance of intentional practices to see our similarities and act with kindness.

As a host, you are invited to:

+ gather friends, colleagues, teams, or family together to practice kindness

+ lead or listen to a mindfulness-based kindness practice

+ discuss how to integrate kindness into our lives

+ access resources, tools and continued ways to practice kindness

To learn more about hosting an event, send an email to [email protected]