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As a participant in Teacher Training, we will help you build your expertise and skills in three main domains:

  1. Master the content – A SIY Certified Teacher understands the content included in the SIY curriculum and can explain it with confidence, drawing on examples and connecting it to participants’ real-life/business experiences. Science plays a big role in SIY, providing evidence-based credibility and embedding the program with a spirit of inquiry and curiosity. An SIY Certified Teacher fully understands the science studies included, explains them with confidence, and makes relevant connections between science, mindfulness and emotional intelligence. He/she can also answer tough questions and elaborate on the material presented, going a few levels deeper than what is included in the standard presentations.
  1. Present and Facilitate Skillfully – In general terms, SIY Certified Teachers are expected to convey the material in a way that is engaging and authentic, creating an experience that maximizes learning for participants. This includes the ability to lead all practices and meditations included in the program with skill and grounding. He/she is skillful at using stories, examples and humor to ground learning, knows how to adjust the program to the audience, manages timing/flow well, remains curious, and answers questions skillfully, including when not sure of the answer.
  1. Embody the material – The content is important. Walking the talk is even more so. An SIY Certified Teacher embodies the material presented when teaching and interacting with participants. This includes embodying the paradoxes of confidence & humility, attainment & nonattainment, depth & lightness, rigor & spontaneity, spark & stillness.