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SIY Teachers will develop mastery of the SIY program content, and deepen their subject matter knowledge in mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and neuroscience. SIY also has a large experiential component, and they’ll also learn how to guide SIY meditations and lead SIY exercises.

SIY Teachers will also learn facilitation skills that support an engaged, attuned, and collaborative environment and experience. We also know that embodiment is essential to being an effective facilitator, and therefore is an integral part of the training- this also allows Organizational Teachers to have an impact in their organization even when they’re not teaching by modeling through their actions and way of being.

This training will also equip you with the what and how of implementing SIY, and mindfulness & emotional intelligence, within your organization, as well as the internal (individual) skills and qualities to navigate this.

After the training, SIY Organizational Teachers will also have opportunities to participate in ongoing teacher development offerings from SIYLI (eg webinars, retreats, series focused on practice/teaching skills), etc.