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SIY combines cutting edge science with a broad array of mindfulness practices and emotional intelligence models to enable sustainable high performance, leadership effectiveness and personal well-being. SIY teachers-in-training can expect to acquire a depth and breadth of knowledge in the SIY content and methodology through:

  • An interdisciplinary approach incorporating the domains of science, leadership and organizational development, psychology and mindfulness.
  • A deep dive into the neuroscience of mindfulness, emotion, decision-making and behavior change
  • An in-depth review of the core SIY content (including complete packaged presentations) and facilitation frameworks, including time to practice teaching the SIY material and getting feedback to further your learning
  • Dedicated time for mindfulness practices to further development your own embodiment of mindfulness and emotional intelligence
  • An ongoing community of practice
  • A mix of in-person retreats and virtual learning with peers