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  • Mindfulness-based emotional intelligence practices help individuals increase well-being, decrease stress and become more resilient. Through mindful communication practices, individuals can improve how they relate and collaborate with one another, the result being more enjoyable and effective teamwork. Individuals are then able to navigate challenges more effectively while staying centered and calm. By sharing this knowledge and these practices within an organization, you will build a wiser and more compassionate culture.
  • You will be able to share and lead a wide variety of mindfulness-based practices and explain the science behind them, including:
    •  Co-facilitate wisdom circles, a mindfulness-based group practice that helps sustain and integrate contemplative practices, support problem-solving by leveraging the wisdom of the group, and build a more compassionate team and workplace culture.
    • Introduce a mindful meeting process that will help people to be fully present, build trust and work more effectively together.
    • Navigate difficult conversations successfully with a framework to understand the unstated dialogue, emotions, and motivations.
    • Lead a sitting/meditation group. These groups help to cultivate community and connections while practicing together for greater wellbeing.
    • Facilitate a one-hour presentation that makes a clear, compelling case for bringing mindfulness into your workplace.
    • Learn tools and techniques to be a mindful listener, skillful facilitator, and inspired leader.