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When you are securing budget, you will need to plan for both the OTC program tuition (for 2021 budget), and then for ongoing licensing and co-teaching fees once you start teaching (for 2022 and beyond budget).

OTC Program Tuition  (one-time fee)

  • Early bird: $10,000 USD per person (or if more than one person from the same org)
  • Regular: $12,000 USD

Licensing & Co-Teaching (ongoing fees)

  • Co-teaching: $10,000 per program (but no additional licensing fee for these programs)
    • Participants must co-teach 2x with experienced teachers
  • Licensing:
    • SIY program & SIY Half-day program: $150 USD per person capped at $5,000 USD per program
    • Adaptive Resilience program: $95 per person, capped at $3,500 USD per program.
    • Keynotes, practice groups, and info sessions: no fee