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Once a participant successfully completes the program, they will be certified as an SIY Organizational Teacher, meaning that they are allowed to teach SIY only within their organization.

SIY Organizational Teachers can teach (online or in-person) the SIY program, as well as the SIY Keynote, Half-Day, and 1-Day program versions, and SIY’s Adaptive Resilience program. In addition, they may run meditation practice sessions, host mindful lunches, and lead mindful meetings, and other activities to gain interest and support implementation.

SIY Organizational Teachers are not allowed to teach or sell SIY to other organizations, or earn a separate income for this work. The only exception here is that SIY Organizational Teachers can teach SIY pro bono (for free) to small non-profit organizations of fewer than 500 employees, to support additional practice and impact.