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The information here is an overview of the business relationship between SIYLI and Certified Teachers. For a comprehensive explanation of all the policies, please see this document.

Participants in the SIY Teacher Training who receive certification may sell and teach SIY to companies, organizations and nonprofits, paying SIYLI a 25% licensing fee per program sold, as well as a $500 annual certification fee. Participation in Teacher Training, however, does not guarantee certification. Please see the FAQ for more information on the certification process.

Please note that SIYLI maintains a geography and currency specific price list with a set minimum price to ensure consistent global pricing. SIYLI also maintains a short list of existing clients and prospects. In an effort to reduce customer confusion SIY Certified Teachers may not solicit or sell to these companies without first contacting SIYLI.

SIY Certified Teachers may also:

  • Teach public programs upon approval by SIYLI (this is primarily to minimize competing programs at the same time, in the same city).
  • Teach programs that are “by invitation”, meaning teaching SIY to a group of participants that you invite individually, rather than through a public announcement.
  • Earn referral income by referring individuals and organizations to SIYLI for client, participant or partnership engagements.
  • Attend SIYLI-run Public Programs for free and get discounts for your sales prospects.
  • Receive ongoing teacher development and general sales support from SIYLI such as updated SIY program materials, marketing materials, webinars and more.

Also, please take into account:

  • Teachers are required to pay an annual certification fee of $500 (though this may be waived if you teach pro bono SIY programs each year). As part of the teacher agreement, SIY Certified Teachers agree to co-teach SIY programs, follow specific brand guidelines, the teacher code of ethics, pricing and commission guidelines, program integrity guidelines and the public program protocol.
  • SIY Certified Teachers also agree to use online platforms and other software provided by SIYLI to access content, register participants and otherwise manage the teaching and coordination of SIY programs.
  • VERY IMPORTANT – SIYLI is not responsible for passing sales leads to SIY Certified Teachers. Teachers are required to conduct their own marketing and sales outreach. Additionally, receiving certification in the SIY Teacher Training program does not guarantee working as a teacher for SIYLI’s client base.