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Often in our modern society, it’s easy to feel as though life and work is speeding by. We have high speed internet, phones that serve as a mobile office and increasing amounts of work responsibilities. It’s become normal to carry on conversations while browsing emails and checking messages. You might even be reading this blog while you’re trying to work

It’s easy to confuse electronically connected with mentally connected. Instead of doing your job as quickly as possible, consider taking a moment to really evaluate the importance of your work. What are you contributing to when you come to work? Who do you impact?

By bringing mindful practices to your work day, you’ll find that you’ll become more efficient and happy as you go through your day.

Three suggestions to get the most out of your workday:

Pausing at the Start

Before you begin your day, before you open your email or start returning phone calls, take a minute to help you clear your head of distractions. Pay attention to your breath and quiet your mind before you allow yourself to work. Take a moment to consider what you want to accomplish today and what you need to do to accomplish it. If you start the day with a clear mind, it’s easier to spend time on what matters.


 Instead of trying to multi-task, perform one task at a time. It may seem like you’re more productive when you’re answering emails, writing reports and making phone calls all at once, but what you’re really doing is dividing your attention and short changing all three activities.

Instead of stretching your mind in several directions, work on honing your mental powers to focus on one job. Choose the task that’s most pressing, and begin it. If you feel yourself getting distracted, take a couple of breathes to redirect your attention and focus. You’ll be amazed how quickly you accomplish your tasks and at the great quality improvement of your work.


It’s essential to put your work in the proper context. Whether you’re answering phones at a reception desk or running a billion dollar company, take a moment to really understand how you contribute to the company and the world around you. As a receptionist, your kindness and efficiency with a caller could make their day brighter, help ensure effective communication for the company and set the tone for a better business interaction. It’s important to remember that you’re working as part of a team and value your place in your company.

At SIYLI, we know that mindfulness is the key to developing great work habits. When you learn to fully utilize your mind and focus, you’ll unlock new levels of productivity. With your new found efficiency, you might find that you’ll have more time and creative ideas.