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As we reflect on SIYLI’s mission and our efforts this year, we’re pleased to see that our programs are making an impact around the world. We collected data from 2016 and ran the numbers to get a sense of how the teachings of Search Inside Yourself affected this year’s participants. (This number represents the reach through both SIYLI’s own programs and the extension of our Engage programs.)


Participants reported reduced levels of stress after SIY.


Participants reported a greater ability to focus and optimize their mental state.


Participants reported greater resilience and mental readiness to meet daily challenges.


Participants reported increased ability to maintain calm and poise in challenging situations.


Participants, on average, moved from the 50th percentile in well-being up to the 76th. We’re especially proud because this result exceeds the average impact for similar positive psychology interventions.

We’re grateful for the opportunity to do what we do and aim to continue increasing our reach, working to help more people achieve success, happiness and world peace.