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SIYLI believes that bringing mindful practices to work can foster happiness, productivity and world peace. We’ll work on the world peace thing in a later blog, today, let’s focus on making your workday a more peaceful experience.

We’re going to take a typical work scenario and show you the SIYLI way to meet the challenge. This week, let’s look at how you can deal with making a presentation in a high stress situation. If the only thing standing between your company’s success and a disappointment is a presentation you’re in charge of, it is easy to let doubt, fear and negativity derail you from your goal.

With a few easy mindful practices, you can make sure that you’re cool, confident and effective at any meeting.

Before the presentation, it’s important to do some mindful preparation. First, it is helpful to do a full self-assessment. If you’re aware of your strengths and weaknesses, and focus on accepting your abilities, you will foster confidence in yourself. When you project positivity and confidence, people will feel comfortable with you.

It’s also important to project the proper attitude when you’re in the big meeting. Try mentally wishing everyone well before you begin. People will pick up on your good intentions and be more attuned to your message.

Right before you go into the meeting, take a moment to have a mindful minute. That means temporarily turning away from your email, muting your iPhone and focusing on centering yourself.

If anything goes wrong during your meeting (let’s say you stumble over a line or superman flies by the office building to battle General Zod), remember to let go of your negative thoughts or emotions and press forward with a mindful attitude.