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During one of our recent Peacemaker Forums, SIYLI CEO Rich Fernandez spoke with George Mumford, the mindfulness and performance expert who has worked with basketball stars, such as Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal and Koby Bryant. In addition to basketball players, Mumford has also worked with other athletes (at levels that range from high school to Olympic), inmates and corporate executives.

During the Peacemaker Forum, Mumford shared his view on mindfulness which—in addition to being aware of thoughts, emotions and how we relate and react—includes what he calls “right view,” seeing things clearly in order to recognize that certain thoughts are conducive to suffering, while other thoughts enable us to be present, compassionate, loving and inclusive. This perspective, says Mumford, alleviates suffering (and eventually eliminates it entirely).

How? As Mumford says, “If you manage this moment, the next moment will be better. You’re cultivating a train of consciousness.” From there, momentum builds and the approach becomes an intuitive experience. So when change triggers a fight or flight response, you’re able to see a challenge instead of a threat. In that moment, you get to choose who you’re going to be and how you’ll respond. Thus, suffering ceases to be suffering when you find meaning and opportunity in those moments.

Watch the full conversation—and learn from Mumford himself how to become the best version of yourself.