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Linda Graham—a psychotherapist who specializes in resilience and author of “Bouncing Back” and “The Resilience Toolkit”—spoke with SIYLI CEO Rich Fernandez in our most recent Peacemaker Forum. Resilience—the ability to skillfully cope with adversity, challenge and crisis—is critical for all of us. From the small bobbles in daily life to serious tragedies, dealing with any level of disruption can affect our well-being. Resilience is a capacity of response flexibility, one of the centers of our executive functioning. Any way that we can shift perspective and see more options leads to resilience and emotional well-being.

During the conversation, Graham detailed the four areas she draws from to help people who have experienced trauma: somatic experiences, emotional awareness, reflective practices and relational intelligence. Compassion and mindfulness, which fall under the category of “reflective practices,” are what she views as two of the most powerful agents of change known to science.

Watch Graham describe the amazing power, strength and courage of the human spirit, which can bounce back from challenge, adversity and even trauma.