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For those who have been juggling the responsibilities of parenting and work (remote or not) without the usual routines of in-person school, activities, or childcare during lockdown, parenting may seem more intense now than ever. How do we balance our engagement and motivation for our professional roles with the demands and delights of parenthood, all while practicing our own self-care and self-actualization? Join SIYLI Director, Lindsey Kugel, in conversation with mom, investor, mindfulness practitioner and SIYLI Board Chair Cecily Mak.


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Cecily Mak is a long-time advisor and supporter of mindfulness organizations, an early-stage investor working to democratize the venture capital industry, and currently Chief Operating Officer at Blockdaemon, a blockchain infrastructure start-up. She is also a co-founding LP of How Women Invest, a new fund exclusively dedicated to investing in women-founded and led start-ups. She was formerly a Partner with ConsenSys, a blockchain venture production studio, and prior to that held C-level roles in legal, revenue, and operations for Flipboard and Napster/Rhapsody. She describes herself as: “a mom, investor, advisor, and author who thrives in the overlap between tech & human betterment.”nding time with her family, which includes her husband Cody, and daughters Quinn (5) and Rozlyn (3).