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As we reflect on SIYLI’s mission and our efforts moving forward in 2018, we looked back to 2017 to see how it went. We ran the numbers from 2017 to get a sense of how the teachings of Search Inside Yourself affect participants and are pleased to report that our programs continue to make a measurable impact.

Our data represents a cross section of responses from more than 450 participants across 37 programs in at least 14 countries. Participants took the same assessment before and after one of our programs, either public or direct. The following numbers, a sampling from a longer analysis, reflect the changes people experienced after attending a Search Inside Yourself program.


I am able to notice when my attention has been pulled away and return it to the present moment: 64% increase.

When in a conversation, I am often thinking about what I am going to say before the other person has finished speaking: 52% decrease.

I feel so distracted that I have difficulty sorting out what is essential from what is unnecessary: 52% decrease.


I use a deliberate technique to calm myself when I am in the middle of a stressful situation: 86% increase.

I am able to let go of negative thoughts when I become aware of them: 62% increase.

Emotional Control

I am able to pause before reacting: 49% increase.


I feel that I can bounce back quickly after an emotionally challenging situation: 56% increase.

We’re grateful for the opportunity to do what we do and aim to continue increasing these numbers and expanding our reach worldwide. If you’re curious about what Search Inside Yourself might teach you, we hope to see you at one of our public programs.