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Over the years, the word work has developed a negative connotation. People believe work is something you have to do, in order to earn money to have fun. And while it’s true that work is necessary in our lives, we at SIYLI believe that work should be a source of joy in your life.

You should be able to start your work day like this.

This isn’t because being happy at work makes the day go faster—though that’s certainly a bonus—but because happy workers are better workers. A gallup study showed that workers who are happy are 47 percent more productive than those that are unhappy. It also estimated that unhappy workers cost companies $300 billion dollars annually in the US alone. So, clearly, creating a happy environment is beneficial both to your employees and your bottom line.

The question, then, is how do you create a happy environment at work? Office dance parties? Free bagels? At SIYLI, we believe that happiness is the default setting for everyone. With a few mindful practices you can help your employees enjoy their time at work and become more effective at their jobs.

By implementing these practices, employees develop a calm and clear state of mind. When the mind is calm and clear at the same time, happiness spontaneously arises. The mind becomes spontaneously and naturally joyful!

Why? It turns out that happiness is the default state of mind. When our mind is calm and clear, it returns to its default, and that default is happiness. That is it. There is no magic; we are simply returning the mind to its natural state.

This means that happiness is not something you pursue; it is something you allow. After all that has been done in the history of the world in the pursuit of happiness, it turns out that sustainable happiness is achievable simply by bringing attention to one’s breath.

So how do you get your employees to adopt a mindful mindset? Perhaps start every meeting with a chance for people to focus on their breath. Learn about the process.

If you allow just two minutes of mindfulness each day, you’ll be amazed at the results. Meetings will take less time, because everyone will be more focused. Employees will go through their work faster, because they’ve learned how to train their attention. And the overall environment of your office will be happier and more productive.