Resilience for your Workplace

Navigating the uncertainty and stress of our current global situation requires a new level of resilience for you and your organization. With the anxiety, fear and unknown around COVID-19, we believe that developing our resilience and compassion are all the more important and urgent right now. We want to share some resources to help you support your team to thrive. 

In the video below, SIYLI's CEO, Rich Fernandez, shares a micropractice that we teach in SIY to help ground throughout the day. 

​Here are some additional resilience resources for you and your workplace.

First, pause and make sure you’re resourced.

Anyone who's flown has probably heard the phrase: “In the event of a sudden drop in pressure, an oxygen mask will fall from above. Secure your own mask first before assisting others." We need to make sure that we’re caring for ourselves as we tend to our colleagues and communities. We’ve put together a list of resilience resources and a one-pager with brief exercises and practices that may be of help. 

Below are a few of our favorite guided practices to help you pause and make sure you have the capacity to support others.

Find ways to support your team and colleagues.

We’ve heard it said that instead of social distancing, we should focus on physical distancing and social connection. It takes more effort to find ways to connect with colleagues when you’re not sharing a physical space. 

Here are ways you can create connection and support your team and organization:

Offer virtual programs to support your team.

Virtual programs could be a great way to support your employees to stay connected with each other and to build skills for resilience and thriving during this time of uncertainty.

Virtual SIY Programs

We’ve piloted virtual delivery of the SIY program within an organization already and have seen that using the Zoom platform allows for remote access while keeping the interactive experience of SIY, and our program assessment scores have been equally strong as with in-person delivery. The Senior Director of Engineering at this Fortune 500 company said: 

"SIYLI did an amazing job in adapting their two-day workshop for the virtual format. We saw the same positive impact than for the in-person programs in the dimensions of empathy, collaboration, resilience to stress, and focus and attention. If you are looking for a virtual delivery program that will raise the bar in leadership and emotional intelligence for your people, I can't recommend the virtual SIY program enough!" 

We can deliver the full SIY experience to your employees as well as shorter introductory programs that enhance well-being, resilience, and collaboration, leading to improved focus and engagement during times of uncertainty and rapid change.

SIY Adaptive Resilience Series

Given the heightened levels of uncertainty in the world at this moment, we’re launching a virtual learning series to support the development of resilience as a skill set for employees in your workplace. This virtual learning series will build participants’ core resilience skills including the mental, emotional and physical aspects of resilience and wellbeing. 

The virtual sessions are structured into three linked, 60-minute modules that offer simple, practical and applied tools for building resilience and thriving, especially in challenging times, as follows:

  • Module 1: Navigating Stress & Overwhelm 
    • Understanding Stress
    • Mental, Emotional, and Physical Resilience Practices
  • Module 2: Enabling Recovery & Adaptation
    • The Role of Recovery and Adaptation in Resilience
    • Mental, Emotional, and Physical Resilience Practices
  • Module 3: Sustaining Resilience & Thriving 
    • Defining Rhythm & Routines to Support Resilience
    • Personal, Team, and Organizational Resilience Practices

Listen to a discussion on resilience and emotional intelligence.

In the face of rapid change and global crises, the role of human-focused skills in the workplace is all the more important. We held a discussion with two of our Board members, Cecily Mak and Bill Duane, who shares their observations from their collective years of experience in business, tech and social impact work and reflect on what’s happening in the world today. 

Watch the recording now: "Emotional Intelligence: Skills for Dealing with Uncertainty." 

Contact us to receive more information on how to bring these program offerings to your workplace.