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Disney 8-Week Challenge: Week 7

Welcome to the last 2 weeks of the 8-Week Challenge!
We hope you've been enjoying the opportunity to practice and integrate what you've learned in SIY.

The theme for these last 2 weeks is "Looking Forward," which involves widening your attention toward the future in addition to continuing to build the foundational practices. As always, you'll find this week's daily dedicated and integrated practices below. Enjoy!

Day 1  -  Day 2  -  Day 3  -  Day 4  -  Day 5  -  Day 6  -  Day 7

Week 7 - Day 1

Dedicated Practice: Focused Attention

Integrated Practice: Pick a short task you need to do today, (e.g. writing an email, washing the dishes). During the task, practice focusing all of your attention on the task and notice when your attention wanders, gently bringing it back to the task at hand.

Reflection Question:
How does this shift the experience of doing the task?

Week 7 - Day 2

Complete a 5-minute Focused Attention practice or revisit any practice from previous days.

Week 7 - Day 3

Dedicated Practice: Loving Kindness 

Integrated Practice: 3 sincere compliments/acknowledgments. Make an effort to appreciate 3 people today who have impacted your life positively.  This may be a co-worker who has helped you, or a friend who listened, or a family member who supported you. Acknowledge their efforts and the impact it had on you (either directly to them or just in writing for yourself).

Reflection Question:
What impact does this have on the rest of your day?


Week 7 - Day 4

Complete a 5-minute Loving Kindness practice or revisit any practice from previous days.

Week 7 - Day 5

Dedicated Practice: Leading with Purpose

Integrated Practice: Write for 2 full minutes for each journaling prompt below.  Once you’ve finished, take a minute to reread what you wrote and reflect.

Journaling Prompts:
1. The contributions I most want to make to the world are ...
2. Some ideas I have for sharing this with others around me are …


Week 7 - Day 6

Complete a 5-minute Open Awareness practice or revisit any practice from previous days.

Week 7 - Day 7

Dedicated Practice: Focused Attention & Open Awareness

Integrated Practice: At your next meal, practice mindful eating. Bring an open awareness mindset to this practice; see how much of the experience you can be present to including the flavors and textures in the food, the sounds occurring around you and as you eat, the colors and smells, etc.

Reflection Questions:
In what ways did the mindful eating practice affect your experience of eating?
How can you apply this type of practice to other areas of your life?


Buddy Reminder:

This is the perfect time for a near-final check-in with your buddy!