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Welcome to SIY Netherlands!

Search Inside Yourself(SIY)

Search Inside Yourself is the emotional intelligence and mindfulness training that was originally developed inside Google, based on neuroscience. The program helps to manage stress while improving focus, resilience, empathy and leadership skills.


Who attends SIY events?

People join Search Inside Yourself for many reasons, including personal development and experiencing the program before bringing it to their company.

Consultants, coaches and therapists also enroll in SIY to evaluate whether to adopt the principles in their own work. Some attendees are new to mindfulness and meditation, while others are longtime practitioners.


What should I expect at SIY events?
SIY is an interactive two-day, in-person training, followed by four weeks of recommended peer-to-peer practices to sustain and integrate learning and self-directed growth from the inside out. The program includes sessions on mindfulness (the science of being present), self-awareness (understanding your thoughts, emotions and habits), self-management (skillfully managing your impulses and reactions), motivation (aligning your values and work), empathy (understanding others’ feelings and experiences) and leadership (influencing with compassion).
We're proud to partner with a host of highly-experienced SIY Certified Teachers in the Netherlands who offer the program country-wide. Meet the teachers below:

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