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Independent Practice

This is an independent practice module with no in-person sessions to attend. During this four month period of time you will complete ~10-12 hours of weekly homework designed to help you learn to teach and begin making SIY your own. If English is not your first language, please bear in mind that you will most likely need additional time each week to complete your homework. 

Some of the work includes reading books and articles, watching videos, journaling, participating in virtual pod meetings to share learnings and provide mutual support, and practice co-teaching SIY to a low-stakes/safe audience of your choosing. You will also study the SIY content and must pass an SIY content exam prior to attending Session 2. There is a lot to do during this period, so please budget your time accordingly. 


There are no in-person sessions for this module. You will study, practice teach, and take the content test independently.