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Yizhao Zhang

SIY Certified Teacher


  • Beijing, China

Languages Offered

  • Chinese, English


Yizhao is a mindfulness teacher trained at Google since 2013, experienced in sharing the Search Inside Yourself program globally as one of the pioneers. Yizhao worked in a high-speed tech world in Singapore, where she regularly took an U-turn back to inner peace while supporting fellow Googlers to be happy and healthy.

Yizhao lived and worked full time for three years in a peaceful kingdom of Bhutan, in service of 28,000 Bhutanese civil servants to embody mindfulness and emotional intelligence. This selfless service and living in nature reminded Yizhao how small she is as a person but yet how vast and connected we are as common humanity.

Yizhao continues to share her life's work with corporates, governments, teams, schools, and individuals as we meet on the path.

WeChat: lovelife99
Email: [email protected]