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Vicki Nicholson

SIY Certified Teacher


  • Dublin, Ireland

Languages Offered

  • English


For over twenty years Vicki Nicholson has pursued her passion to help people grow, learn and change by selling, designing and delivering innovative learning solutions. She started her career in the insurance industry but soon went on to found and lead a successful leadership consulting business. Vicki has worked across the globe with leaders in technology, healthcare, financial services and manufacturing in a range of organisations, from giant multinationals to small start-ups.

Vicki uses emotional and social intelligence as a foundation for building measurable leadership development solutions. She is passionate about creating workplace cultures that inspire everyone to give their best. Vicki’s own yoga and meditation practice draws on the many years she lived in India.

Vicki is also an SIY Global Coach. She understands the demands on executives in a world where traditional structures are changing fast. She uses the practices and principles of Narrative Coaching™ to help people have the conversations that matter the most. She believes that great coaching needs both compassion and candor, and challenges her clients to be accountable to the results and changes they seek.

She holds a Masters in Positive Organisation Development from the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University.

• Narrative Coach™ Certification, WBECS
• Integrative Development Practitioner, The Moment Institute
• Erickson Coaching Certification
• Workplace Big 5, Firo B, Emotional Capital Inventory, Hogan, MBTI, DISC.