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Vesna Kostic

SIY Certified Teacher


  • Belgrade, Serbia

Languages Offered

  • Croatian, English, Serbian


Vesna Kostic has been the founder and director of the Mindfulness center Belgrade since 2014 and the Belgrade Yoga center since 2008.
She is certified MBSR teacher, Search Inside Yourself teacher, and licenced Yoga teacher.
Through a holistic approach, Vesna has been working diligently, for around 20 years, on the implementation of techniques for consciousness and attention development, stress management, emotional intelligence and generaly-wellbeing. In this fields she has implemented, created and led numerous continuous programmers for companies, institutions groups and individuals.
She also founded and led various projects, out of which the most meaningful are: No stress festival (2016-now) Heeling the Trauma (2017-2019), Stress menagement -body, mind and breath (2017-now) as well as the Adaptive programme (2017-now; adjusted to persons with disabilities).
She also lead a series of intensive International programmes for stress reduction, mind-body harmonisation, yoga and mindfulness in: Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria, Germany, Nepal, India and Montenegro.
She is a author of a book ”Searching for the answers-Mindfulness as a way”, and a podcast about Mindfulness in Serbian language “U trenutku” (“In the moment”).