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Vasco Gaspar

SIY Certified Teacher


  • Lisbon, Portugal

Languages Offered

  • English, Portuguese


Vasco works in the fields of Awareness-Based Human Flourishing and Conscious Leadership, inspiring change and transformation worldwide for a more human and compassionate world.

Certified in a wide range of awareness-based technologies (e.g. Mindfulness, Presencing, Heartfulness, SPT, IFS, Polyvagal Theory and Compassionate Inquiry) and trained directly by some of the world’s greatest though leaders in these fields, he has been working with individuals, teams and organizations all over the world, reaching more than 30.000 people in the last decade.

Works closely with different global NGO's like the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, the Heartfulness Institute and the Presencing Institute.

What drives him is his love for nature and beauty, being a positive activist for the protection of the planet through an action driven by (higher) Self energy. Spends most of his time traveling or in Silence, exploring the mysteries of the inner and outer worlds.