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Ulrike Voett

SIY Certified Teacher


  • Stuttgart, Germany

Languages Offered

  • English, German


Ulrike is an senior professional (Master of science, MBA) bridging the areas of sustainability, higher education and technology for transformation. She has more than 20 years of international experience in strategic innovation and change projects from around the globe. She lived and worked in various, divers contexts and ecosystems, in Europe, Africa and the MIddle East. Her career stations included senior roles at Nokia, Microsoft, Robert Bosch Stiftung, Technical University Munich School of Management and more.
She is an active citizen towards better futures.

She is a trained communicator, spokesperson and certified facilitator - putting focus on presence for the people in the room. Her SIY teaching provides for depth, spark and context. She loves holding the space, allowing for dialogue and explorations on SIY's relevance in people's roles and lives.

In 2022, she founded _Resilience&Spaces_, providing trainings to help people and teams build skills and competence for co-creating desirable futures.