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Tatjana Wittig

SIY Certified Teacher


  • Bonn, Deutschland

Languages Offered

  • English, German


Growing up in Sibiria -
in the so called Sillicon Taiga, which an small city full of engineers and scientists,
my life was full of math and physics. And nature.
My life vision was to become either a scientist or engineer.

At the age of 15 my parents decided to move to Germany. For some years
my life was full of frustration.
After finishing school, I went into the enginnering - a field where I was
super confident to be good. After university I started a career as an engineer.

But I also followed my dream to become mother. Mother of 4 beatiful kids.
Meanwhile my career moved to rather leadership positions.
Juggling kids, work, myself have been challenging
More and more I realized
that there is much in our lives and leadership than just an IQ.
A friend took me to a meditation retreat where I could - for a moment become
my own observer. It is now about 12 years ago. A new journey began.

I started to read books, attending retreats and workshops around emotional intelligence.
And practice more and more mindfulness.
For a while mindfulness was just something I did only in my private life.

SIY gives me the language to talk about mindfulness and emotional intelligence.
And helps me to open this door for others.

I teach SIY at Deutsche Telekom and other companies.