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Svenja Dietrich

SIY Certified Teacher


  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

Languages Offered

  • Dutch, English, German


My vision is to create a future of work cultivating compassion, curiosity and creativity.

In my role as a Manager at PwC I help organizations to transform their HR function for the better and create human-centered employee experiences that matter. I'm convinced that in the future of work it will be the human unique skills which make the difference and decide on business success or failure. I offer regular mindfulness and emotional intelligence workshops at PwC to help my colleagues building resilience in our high pace jobs.

I would describe myself as a multi-passionate part-time entrepreneur. After a couple of years running a yoga and movement side business I focus now on building The Inner Business School, a digital learning platform and community, to help highly educated millennials in corporate careers to redefine their jobs to can do work that matters to them.