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Stephanie Meriaux

SIY Certified Teacher


  • Redlands, CA, USA

Languages Offered

  • English


She teaches mindset mastery at the Inland Empire Women’s Business Center, has a thriving coaching practice and facilitates corporate workshops and retreats.

She enjoys lofty challenges both personally and professionally and embraces adventure with courage and tenacity. She has 6 years of experience as a project/product manager, working for leading GIS companies in the USA and France, is an ironman triathlete, has ridden her bicycle self-supported across the USA, is bilingual, and has worked and trained in experiential educationm with Outward Bound.

She sparkles with authenticity and is fiercely committed to her life’s mission: to raise humanity’s baseline of happiness, connection and purpose through transformational learning and healthy relationships.

She comes from a firm belief that mindfulness is the foundation for self-awareness, personal leadership, and healthy, fulfilling relationships (both in business and in life).