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Sarah Lehn

SIY Certified Teacher


  • Lisbon, Portugal

Languages Offered

  • English, German


Inspiring and supporting people and organizations to become the best versions of themselves is what she does. With a background in leadership and international business, as well as an entrepreneur herself, she can relate well to the complexities of finding a meaningful life path.

Sarah is also an SIY Global Coach. With a life focused heavily in a search for meaning and wellbeing, Sarah understands the challenges of leading a fulfilled and balanced life. She has lived in seven countries which helps her support people from various backgrounds on their journey of overcoming challenges and building an authentic and meaningful life. What Sarah is known for is her warm, compassionate and connective approach that sees the best in every person and then helps them bring that out.

#### Certifications
* Certified CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Techniques) Life Coach
* Inspired Women Lead Mentor
* Logotherapist according to Viktor Frankl
* Meaning Seeker Logotherapist