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Salvador Cusi

SIY Certified Teacher


  • Barcelona, Spain

Languages Offered

  • English, Spanish


I have led prominent companies in their respective sectors since the age of 30. I have been fortunate to live hundreds of experiences that are difficult to compare, which have led me to have a unique vision of the world of business, people, and their leadership in general.

In 2013, after more than thirty years coping with the stress that always involves both success and failure, and seeking ways to improve my relationship with it after a hard personal experience, I was lucky to find the mindfulness.  I discovered that happiness is closer to us than we can imagine, we carry it inside, we just need to discover it.

Today, as a founding partner of Mind & Brain and certified teacher of the emotional intelligence program “Search Inside Yourself”, developed in Google and based on neuroscience and mindfulness, we help Spanish companies and organizations get better leadership, decision-making, and collaboration through our training programs.

The Search Inside Yourself program, based on the most avant-garde research in neuroscience, teaches how different practices of mindfulness have a great positive impact on the development of our emotional intelligence.

Throughout my studies in SIYLI, not only have I developed technical and practical knowledge, but I have seen how renowned organizations around the world are implementing their practices with great results. Google, SAP, Hyatt, American Express, AXA, Ford, LinkedIn, Farmers Insurance, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Roche, ThyssenKrupp, Trivago, among others are a few examples.