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Roxana Sufan

SIY Certified Teacher

Languages Offered

  • English


Roxana has been teaching SIY since 2019 to clients in the corporate pharmaceutical/biotech world, as well as to various non-profit organizations. Having experienced the many benefits of mindfulness herself and using the SIY-taught emotional intelligence tools with joy in her daily life, Roxana is passionate about sharing these practices with different audiences.

Originally a Scientist by training, Roxana has a PhD in Molecular Biology and over 19 years experience in the oncology research and clinical development space. Additionally, as the former co-lead of the mindfulness group at Genentech and as a global lead within the Roche mindfulness community, she spearheaded efforts to bring mindfulness to corporate employees within North America and worldwide. In addition to SIY, Roxana is also a trained group facilitator with Authentic Revolution and mindfulness meditation teacher with the Mindfulness Training Institute, MTI.

Roxana is a native Romanian, spent much of her life living in different countries (US, Germany, Canada, Romania) and enjoys speaking multiple languages, relating to different cultures and adapting her teachings to a varied audience. Always aiming to keep evolving, Roxana actively travels and enjoys living in different places around the world.