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Robbie Fenlon

SIY Certified Teacher


  • Yvorne, Suisse

Languages Offered

  • English, French


Robbie Fenlon is a certified integral coach and member of the I.C.F (International Coaching Federation).  He is based in Switzerland and runs True Nature, an Integral coaching, mindfulness and mountain guiding business.  The purpose is to help people discover how they can develop themselves through inner and outer exploration.  He works with individuals in schools and businesses and organisations.  He has a special interest in working with entrepreneurs. True Nature runs workshops, individual coaching and runs self-development retreats. True Nature bases its courses and workshops on the following principles and concepts :

  • Integral coaching (New Ventures
  • Mindfulness, Emotional
    Intelligence and Neuroscience (SIYLI)
  • Unique Abilities (Strategic
  • Individual and Team strenghts
    (CliftonStrengths by Gallup)
  • Compassion based mindfulness
    for individual, businesses and organisations (Mindfulness Association.UK
    and MA.CH)

Robbie is mindfulness trainer, ICF certified integral executive coach and a UIAGM professional mountain guide. He is Irish, has lived in French Alps for 20 years and now lives in Switzerland. He teaches mindfulness to individuals and groups in business, education, and other professional settings. His mission and vision is to help put the human and the humane back at the centre of business and education. He also wishes to emphasise mindfulness and kindness in all aspects of living. He coach individuals and groups anywhere in the world. He also works as a mountain guide in Switzerland France and Italy.Robbie’s 30 years working as a professional mountain and ski guide and climbing instructor has enhanced his understanding of himslef and others. It has allowed him to become a trustworthy partner for his clients. Building trusting partnerships is central to performing safely in challenging conditions. Whether this be in the mountains, in the workplace or ordinary life.  Running a trekking and guiding business has taught Robbie about the value of collaboration, self awareness and self development. But most of all the value of working with other great people in an atmosphere of mutual support.Link to
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