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Rita Cabaco

SIY Certified Teacher


  • Lisbon, Portugal

Languages Offered

  • English, Portuguese


Rita experienced great benefits of practicing mindfulness and emotional intelligence skills in a demanding workplace, benefiting from more clarity and insights, poise in moments of challenge, focus and improved teamwork. She is deeply motivated to share these practices and believes we can be both more productive and better humans at work. She is also an economist and works in financial wealth management, with an interest in responsible and sustainable investing.

Rita is impressed by the transformative power of self-care and self-compassion practices, reducing underlying anxiety and bringing in more emotional resiliency, courage and transforming pain into beauty.

She is also a certified Somatic Experiencing body based therapist, a technique that facilitates the nervous system to self-regulate, discharge stress, build up somatic resources and renegotiate trauma.

She is generous, a deep thinker, honest, curious and loves to learn. She is also interested about the link between personal awareness and societies well being outcomes.