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Regina Zasadzinski

SIY Certified Teacher


  • Berkeley, CA, USA

Languages Offered

  • English


Regina has spent over 25 years working in program and project management, delivering hundreds of educational programs to thousands of participants. She is passionate about facilitating experiences that result in bringing forth individual full potential through the development of self-awareness, resilience and personal mastery.

What drew her to the business of mindfulness is the potential to create work environments that thrive with well-being, emotional intelligence, compassion and creativity. She is passionate about working with individuals and organizations to bring more mindfulness, joy, and wisdom into everyday life, particularly in the workplace.

As a SIYLI Senior Program Manager, Regina manages global public programs, working with international partners to deliver impactful educational experiences. This work helps develop bold, compassionate leaders and highly engaged teams by the offering of evidence-based mindfulness, emotional intelligence and leadership development programs.

As a SIY Certified Teacher, Regina is enthusiastic about facilitating transformational journeys and creating exceptional participant experiences.  She believes in creating a world that works for all.