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Peter Lamport

SIY Certified Teacher


  • Guatemala City, Guatemala

Languages Offered

  • English, Spanish


Peter helps leadership teams thrive!

As the first Certified Facilitator in Central America, Peter has facilitated trainings internationally to diverse clients in: air transportation, retail, distribution, food and service, education, auto-parts, agro-industry and manufacturing.

Complementing his consulting experience with Fortune 50, and Fortune 100, Peter is also certified in the science of behavior change, by Stanford Behavior Design Labs Founder, BJ Fogg, PhD’s, Tiny Habits® program (currently ranked as #1 Business and Leadership Book of 2020 on Amazon), on new methods for designing practical, immediately applicable change solutions for behavior challenges to organizations and individuals.

Peter holds a Double Major in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Economics from Rice University, and has lived and worked in USA, Hong Kong, and currently resides in Guatemala.

He serves companies with consulting, and advisory work on leadership and organizational development, and coaches senior leaders in YPO, EO, and is proud to coach 2 of 9 “Manager of the Year” candidates for 2020 (1 Winner, and 1 Finalist)