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Nitten Mahadik

SIY Certified Teacher


  • Pune, Maharashtra, India

Languages Offered

  • English, Hindi, Marathi


I am a Mindfulness Coach, a Theatre-based facilitator and a Neuroscience enthusiast. Using these three pillars, I design and deliver interventions on well-being, emotional intelligence, presenting and presence, leadership, stress management, sales, voice culture & expressions and building team synergies.

I have a total experience of 24 years. The journey so far has been fascinating. Before getting introduced to the world of training and development, I worked in the sales department for various industries worldwide. Performing arts always allured me, which got me involved in theatre and folk singing. I spent seven years exploring my passion. After encountering multiple setbacks, a hampered self-esteemed and battling my mental health, a breakthrough came about in a meditation course. Here I saw a possibility of cultivating inner peace even amidst the turmoil. I committed to daily meditation practice and went on to work as a social worker for five years spreading awareness of meditation and spirituality.

I have conducted Mindfulness-Based Emotional Intelligence workshops for corporates, the education sector, and NGOs. A trained actor from Progressive Dramatic Association and Jeff Goldberg Studio, I have delivered more than 100 performances so far.

Reach out to me for conducting mindfulness interventions for happiness, well-being & emotional intelligence, facilitating workshops, retreats, and experiences, designing meaningful and impactful solutions, creating a lasting impact through enhanced communication skills or even for a tête-à-tête. I would be happy to explore the possibilities of collaborating with you.