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Miroo Kim

SIY Certified Teacher


  • San Francisco, CA, USA

Languages Offered

  • English, Korean


Miroo Kim is the CEO of People+Culture, the Collective that enables people and organizations to create the culture of wellbeing at workplaces. Miroo's journey to People+Culture started when she fell in love with technology when her tech career started at Apple in 2002. She worked on various products (iMac, iPod, iBook, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp) in diverse functions (Marketing, Product, Operations) in different companies (Apple, Microsoft, Meta/Facebook). Over 20 years in the industry, she realized the most amazing technology, after all, was the human mind - our consciousness and awareness. However, no one was paying attention to taking care of the human mind at work, instead of just taking advantage of it. She experienced the negative consequence from this directly in burnout and depression. Ultimately, it was the development of emotional intelligence and mindfulness that not only saved her but also helped her thrive at work. This experience inspired her to found "[People+Culture](", to help people and organizations create the culture of wellbeing at workplaces.