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Megan Ragsdale

SIY Certified Teacher


  • San Diego, CA, USA

Languages Offered

  • English


Megan is an accomplished certified coach, thought leader and innovator with a proven performance record in coaching, innovation leadership, customer experience, talent management, sales & marketing and communications.

She is passionate about teaching Mindfulness as a key competency for increasing business performance.  Megan works with businesses to achieve profitable growth through the discipline of innovation, create best in class customer experiences through the process of human-centered design, and coaching executives on how to cultivate empathic and high trust organizations and develop emerging leaders.

M-Dash Group Inc. was founded on the values of integrity, humor, intelligence, mindfulness and curiosity.

Our core beliefs:
➢ We are now living in an emotion economy, where empathy and compassion are the new table stakes for winning over customers and employees
➢ Mindful, emotionally-aware leaders create the best cultures and attract the best people
➢ Business acumen gets you the job; your mindset & behaviors determine if you keep it
➢ Every single person can build leadership courage and resiliency skills
➢ Gender parity in the workplace is a balance of opportunity and individual readiness
➢ You have to put on your own oxygen mask first: self-compassion and self-care are not the same as selfishness

What we’re passionate about:
• Creating the kind of sustainable learning experiences and environments that can reignite a fire inside of people about their life’s purpose, the work that they do, and how they lead their teams
• Doing work that goes beyond dollars and profit margins as success markers; making a deeply positive and lasting impact on other people’s lives and instilling a sense of social reciprocity in them as they interact with others
• Helping an organization truly transform their culture to become hyper-focused on innovation as a discipline and getting their customers to fall in love with them (again)
• Working on programs that will advance and reshape the role women play in the workplace as both leaders and individual contributors
• Teaching empathy and compassion as the meta competencies for all leaders of people
• Facilitating and coaching cross-functional team workshops
• Learning. Working with an outstanding group of peers and leaders who challenge us to become better thinkers, leaders and better people.