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Laura Delizonna

SIY Certified Teacher


  • San Francisco, CA, USA

Languages Offered

  • English


Stanford instructor, author, executive coach
Laura is a Stanford University instructor, keynote speaker, author, and executive coach with an expertise in high performing teams, transformational leadership, and life optimization. She specializes in practical applications of scientific findings and abstract concepts such as mindfulness. Her trainings have resulted in longterm behavioral transformation and organizational culture change. Laura has presented to top business leaders, government officials, and public audiences worldwide since 2005. She presents online and in-person trainings at top companies such as Google, Facebook, LInkedIn, Accenture, McKinsey, and Disney.

She has been teaching SIY since 2012. She was SIYLI's first outside teacher to present SIY at a company outside of Google. Laura is faculty at 1440 Multiversity and has been a Stanford instructor for 13 years. Her courses have been the most popular in the Continuing Studies department at Stanford. Participants have called her trainings “life changing experiences.”  She conducted doctoral research on mindfulness at Harvard University. As a Stanford researcher, she implemented a mindfulness-based program in the county and California juvenile justice system.

Laura co-authored four books including Mindful, Enhancing Emotional Intelligence, Thrive, and Mindful Leaders. Her article on high performing teams was featured in Harvard Business Review and made the Top Articles List in 2018. She was trained at Stanford, Harvard, and Boston University. Laura is a California native, an avid skier, and loves international adventure travel with her family.