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Kar-Kheng Yeoh

SIY Certified Teacher


  • George Town, Penang, Malaysia

Languages Offered

  • Chinese, English


KarKheng (KK)'s constant passion and motivation in sharing the great benefits of mindfulness has made him an extraordinary contributor in bringing SIY and mindfulness training to Asia.

KK is currently a senior lecturer in Universiti Sains Malaysia and a master trainer at Taiwan Mindfulness Center. To date, he has conducted over a hundred of mindfulness workshops to audiences ranging from global technology companies to investment firms; including Intel, Dell, Infineon, Huawei, TSMC, Deloitte, and Mercedes-Benz. KK is gifted with his multilingual abilities, he could teach in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Bahasa. He also led the world’s first Chinese language SIY program at ICF Taiwan in 2016.

The key element of making him an outstanding mindfulness teacher today is his unique combination of vigorous training in Western sciences (he holds a doctorate degree in Organic Chemistry from Oxford University) and in-depth experiences in Eastern traditions (he learned extensively from renowned wisdom masters in Asia). KK is good at offering practical guidance on how we could skillfully apply mindfulness to improve the quality our professional and personal lives.

His mindfulness footprint has been prominently felt by his unconditional initiative to establish the Malaysia Mindfulness Association with the aim to promote ‘Mindful Living” as a healthy and holistic lifestyle into mainstream society.