Kalai Vanii Jayaseelan

SIY Certified Teacher


Cambridge, UK

Languages Offered



Kalai is the Co-founder of Sukhaatma, an initiative to provide personalized Alternative Mind-Body Medicine Consultations and Transformational Coaching Services. She was a former Bioinformatician and Trusted Advisor at the EMBL-EBI an inter-governmental European research organization. Kalai is also a member of the Steering Committee of Cambridge Association for Women in Science and Engineering.

Kalai's passion for Mindful living stems from a significant life-altering process in her early 20s that naturally rewired her, to become a conscious human, anchoring her in the present moment awareness. Since then, she has rigorously explored many texts and practices to help gain clarity, depth, structure, and methods to share with all, the far-reaching benefits of cultivating inner stillness and leading a life of awareness and being.

Prevention is better than cure, and in that light, Kalai envisions to create conscious work-life environments ensuring psychological safety - helping employees/individuals achieve inner wellbeing and reach peak potential, and helping organizations thrive.

She regularly trains Scientists, Health professionals and Software Engineers in the Cambridge area and beyond. And, deepens her regular practice through Vaasi Yoga and  Vipassana.