Jon Carson

SIY Certified Teacher


Toronto, ON, Canada

Languages Offered



Jon Carson is a well-known speaker throughout North America speaking on mindfulness, trauma, and leadership as a police officer within Ontario, Canada and has been serving the community for over 18 years in various capacities.  It was in 2009 when he encountered a traumatic call involving a young baby that his journey took a turn and he eventually was diagnosed with PTSD.  Spending a better part of the initial stages of his diagnosis self-medicating himself.  It wasn’t until 2013 when he was offered an opportunity to look at things differently by using mindfulness practices to look within and prevent trauma from taking its toll. Recognized with numerous awards and distinctions most recently in 2018 received the Chief of Police award for his commitment and dedication to providing innovative and "Mindfulness" training to our members. 
His Crisis Intervention program was acknowledged in 2014 with a Canadian Armed Forces Commendation for its work with members of the Military and recently in April of 2017  his mindfulness program was recognized by the Intercultural Dialogue Institute of the GTA based around based on three criteria: “Altruism”, “Dedication” and “Community Involvement”.   Just this past year he was featured in the Canadian documentary “The Other Side of Hero” featuring Enrico Colotoni.

Recently becoming a certified teacher with the Search Inside yourself leadership institute,  the program born at Google.  Jon will deliver a highly interactive session on mindfulness, neuroscience and emotional intelligence leading all who attend with tools to take back to their professional and personal lives.The essence of their program is creating cross-cultural conversations where people of all backgrounds can explore and build a repertoire of skills for enhancing their social and emotional awareness, their decision-making process and their overall health and well-being.